ADD and Ritalin

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Mon Sep 25 13:15:37 EST 1995

On 25 Sep 1995, Jason Kennerly wrote:

> rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU (Ron Blue) writes:
> > Caffiene may help.  Caffiene block A1 receptor but not A2 receptors
> > for adenosine.  Ginger may help since it has anti-nauseua effect.
> Are you sure about this???
Jason Kennerly (22 September 1995) in neuroscience post - (N Substuted 
Xanthines) reported if I read it correctly that the above is true.
> I was under the impression that caffeine was 
> active as an antagonist at both A1 and A2 receptors - and that it 
> differs from other xanthines in that it inhibits PDE less... feedback is 
> on this is appreciated as I am trying to gather data on N substituted 
> xanthines.
> > Anti-nauseua medicine have been reported as helping ADHD.  This suggest
> > that the thalmus is deeply involved in the problem.
> Blah. The dopamine transporter itself is most likely to blame.
 Am I not correct that some ADHD are AWARE of almost everything and have
difficulty FOCUSING their attention.  This may be related to problems in
the thalmus.
> There's 
> been research done to support this... I can get an abstract if needed but 
> cant seem to locate it on my messy hard drive right now...
True it is hard to get at information when we need it.  If you find it
please share it with me.  Ron Blue rcb1 at
> In any case there is DEFINITLY a physical difference. Several years ago I 
> tried methamphetamine as a "recreational" drug, only to fall asleep... 
> Dexedrine did just the same thing. Ritalin seems to wake me up a little 
> bit, but still helps focus. I dont know WHY, just know that this is the 
> way it is for me... and that most people are physcially unable to sleep 
> on methamphetamine or other stimulants, while I sleep thru them easily 
> but do not sleep easily thru caffeine [without tolerance] or LSD-25, two 
> other drugs that postpone sleep but are not dopaminergics...
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