Paradoxical dose-reponse curves

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Tue Sep 26 08:25:52 EST 1995

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> >Whoa, Matt.  I see you need to read up on nAChR function.

> Duke, thank you for that extremely helpful comment.  You may also wish to
> share it with:

> Sine, S.M. and Steinbach, J.H. (1984) Agonists block currents through
> acetylcholine receptor channels. Biophys. J. 46:277-284.

> and 

> Ogden, D.C.  and Colquhoun, D. (1985) Ion channel block by acetylcholine,
> carbachol and suberyldicholine at the frog neuromuscular junction. Proc.
> Roy. Soc. Lond. [Biol] 225:329-355. 

> ...among others.

Oh, happy days, playing with frog preparations during my training... ...
perhaps Duke can share it with me too?


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