Minor Head Injury Therapy & Research

Scott Tyler a285 at amug.org
Mon Sep 25 21:02:55 EST 1995

If you have gotten any positive responses to your query, please include me
in on the results.  There are no _good_ studies.  What kind of Rx did you
have in mind: cognitive, medication, ???

I would be interested in participating in a site.

In article <43ngd3$qtf at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, janhooper at aol.com (Jan
Hooper) wrote:

> Can anyone direct me to treatments for or research on "minor" head injury?
>  I know there is a Web Site, but I can't locate it.  If you know of other
> sources of info on dealing with the problems  associated with "minor" head
> injury (eg:  problem retaining new information).  Please e-mail Jan
> Hooper at AOL.com

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