Baby, put a litte water in my ear and I can FEEL you better!

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Wed Sep 27 08:01:35 EST 1995

Got your attention with the subject.  In Nature 31 August 1995 page 778
researcher G. Bottini, E. Paulesu, R. Sterzl, E. Warburton, R.J.S. Wise, 
G. Vallar, R.S.J. Frackowlak, & C. D. Frith in their article "Modulation
of conscious experience by peripheral sensory stimuli"  revealed that
cold water ran in the ear of brain damaged patient who had lost the
sense of touch regain the sense temporally.  "We show that in normal
subjects touch and vestibular signals share projectionss to the putamen, 
insula, somatosensory area II, premotor cortex and supramarginal gyrus.  In
our patient a subset of theres regions (right putamen and insula) was 
pared by the lesion and was maximally active when touch and vestibular 
stimulations were combined." (Bottini & etc. 1995)

Ron Blue

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