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Wed Sep 27 04:31:11 EST 1995

Can anyone tell me the symptoms experienced by a person who is a 

I am having a frustrating time getting diagnosed at my HMO for my acute 
and mysterious symptoms. These include:

Dizziness and lightheadedness
Generalized "flu-like" body pains
Aching pains in my cervical and thoracic vertebrae areas
Aching muscles, especially in my upper back
No fever
No anomalies found in my blood
Negative for HIV

I carry:

Valley fever

Genital herpes

Macular degeneration in my left eye

I recently suffered from:


A mysterious aching pain in my left testicle which lasted for about six 
months. Various urologists were mystified.

I am a 42 year old male. My present symptoms began gradually but have now 
become chronic after a few months. 

I have been concurrently suffering from a "polyplike" growth on the 
septum of my nose which was cleared up with Cipro and Bactroban.

The reason that I am asking about phenylalanine is beacause I was 
experimenting with it a few years ago after having read Durk Pearson's 
"Life Extension" book, which advocates taking vitamins and amino acids.
I became extremely edgy when I took L-phenylalanine, so I stopped. 
Recently I have begun drinking Diet Coke in a (rather futile) attempt to 
lose weight. I also have been eating Kellogg's All-Bran cereal for about 
six months. Both of these products contain aspartame. They both have 
warnings to phenylketonurics that they contain phenylalanine.

I am going in for a CAT scan of my brain tomorrow to see if my problem is 
brain lesions due to valley fever.    :-P

Another question for you neuroscientists and neurologists: 

Is it possible that my intense industrial exposure (as a silkscreen 
printer) to toulene, MEK, xylene, and benzene, five days a week, eight 
hours a day for ten years during the 1970's is coming back to haunt me? 
Or is the nervous system damage caused by these chemicals a more immediate 

If you can give me any advice on this stuff, please email me (as well as 
posting for the benefit of others) as I don't have regular access to 


nweiner at

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