Stereotaxic Atlas for Mice

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>> I'm looking for a stereotaxic atlas for the mouse brain. If none are
>> available I'll just take the coordinates for the 3rd ventricle on a flat
>> skull using the bregma and central suture a reference points. Also if

>A stereotaxic atlas for the mouse brain has been edited in 1974: "Atlas
>stereotaxique du cerveau de la souris", A. Lehman, Eds Centre National de
>la recherche scientifique, Paris, France
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      In English, and just for the diencephalon, there is:
      Montemurro,, DG & Dukelow,RH 1972. A Stereotaxic Atlas of the
      Diencephalon and Related Structures of the Mouse. Futura Publ.
      Co., Mount Kisco, NY  (ISBN 0-87993-005-5)

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