U of Padua & Antiphospholipid/migraine study

Elizabeth Bartilson bartilso at pilot.msu.edu
Thu Sep 28 13:31:14 EST 1995

In an article I read in the Journal of Neurological Sciences a
brief reference was made to the fact that a longitudinal study of migraine
and anticardiolipin antibodies was in progress.  I am interested in the
progress of this study and would like to find out if anyone involved is on
the net.

It appears that some of the authors of the article are affiliated with the
University of Padua in Italy. The corresponding author is listed as Paolo
Gallo. I've done some WWW searching and found a home page for University of
Padua, but no addresses or names with which to correspond. Any ideas on how
I might find out more about this study?

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