ibotenic acid kills monkeys?

Marcello Rosa pymrosa at dingo.cc.uq.oz.au
Fri Sep 29 18:16:34 EST 1995

I need some help regarding the protocol for injecting ibotenic acid in 
the brain, in order to cause localized cell death. I have an ongoing 
project where I want to cause extensive lesion of area 17 in one side of 
the brain of marmosets. I've seen the literature on macaques, and just 
tried to copy the protocol: multiple injections of ibotenic acid (10 
microg/microlitre). each 1 mm from the next. This means that I have to 
make 20-30 injections. Just after I finish the procedure, the animals 
stop brething and die. In one case, death was preceded by seizure-like 
movements. A similar procedure involving tracer injections ends OK...

I wondered whether some of the acid may be getting to the brainstem, and 
affecting the respiratory centres or other vital nuclei. Is anyone aware 
of literature on this subject? How fast does ibotenic acid work? Are 
there any estimates of how far the injections go? Any suggestions?



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