Pseudo Tumor Cerebri

Eileen Hinds ike at
Sat Sep 30 13:11:41 EST 1995

My 20yr old daughter is being treated for this. She had no signs detected
by Drs. but had 2 severe Flu like attacks Freshman year at MSU. When she
came home in spring had blindness for few seconds upon waking. Eye Dr.
sent her to neurologist...MRI CAT and Lumbar-P show no tumor. She had
Optic Nerve piling and was put on Diamox 500mg 2x a day. So far good results.
We live in Northern Michigan and have a good hospital but had very bad 
experience with 1st L-P Dr tried doing it old fashion way no xrays and 
rush to do it during lunch hour. At times it has been mentioned a shunt 
or eye surgery could be needed, after last experience and only one 
surgeon  here would want to seek specialist if ever needed. We have been 
given no idea why this has occurred to her. We also have limited
knowledge of this ailment.

Thank-you and you can email me: ike at

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