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Have you tried the book entitled "neuroscience training programs" which 
is published by the Society of Neuroscience?

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David Redish 
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: Wei-chen  Lin <wql1751 at> wrote:
: >	During searching for doctoral programs of my interest, I found it
: >very time consuming because Neurocognition is interdisipline; professors
: >who have similar interests belong sometimes to psychology departments,
: >sometimes to biology, physiology or neurology departments. I wonder if
: >there is a comprehensive list or directory of programs in Neurocognition
: >(Cognitive Neuroscience), or alternative searching methods thus I can
: >save plenty of time.

: Check out the CNBC other-neuro web site.  There are lots of Web pages
: for Neuroscience and Cog-neuro home pages there.  I also recommend
: checking out the CNBC and NPC programs at Carnegie Mellon University
: and the University of Pittsburgh.  I have appended the Web addresses
: below.

: CNBC web site:
: NPC web site:
: CNBC other-neuro web site:

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