ibotenic acid kills monkeys?

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> I wondered whether some of the acid may be getting to the brainstem, and 
> affecting the respiratory centres or other vital nuclei. Is anyone aware 
> of literature on this subject? How fast does ibotenic acid work? Are 
> there any estimates of how far the injections go? Any suggestions?

The ibotenic acid should work *immediately* after the injection, causing
neuronal excitation.   The extent of neurons excited by the injection may
go beyond the actual injection site.  The injections could be causing
widespread epileptic activity if the injections are large, and this
epileptic activity may be the cause of death. For more information on the
effects of glutamatergic agonists and chemical stimulation/lesions, see:

Lipski et al., (1988) J. Neurosci. Meth. 26:169-179

Myers, R.D. (1971) Methods for chemical stimulation of the brain. _Methods
in Psychobiology_, vol. 1, Academic Press, New York.

Köhler and Schwarcz (1983) Neurosci. 8:819-835.

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