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Andre Ch. Schnoor czesanne at mail.hh.provi.de
Mon Apr 1 17:21:42 EST 1996

Good news for everybody interested in brain stimulation:

PCM MindWave 1.0b1

PCM MindWave is a L/S MindMachine Simulator for PCs. Instead of purchasing 
expensive hardware you can now use your PC for experimenting in the exciting 
field of brain stimulation. PCM MindWave provides many unique features:

*	Waveform shaped light output
*	Waveform interpolation
*	Phase-shift and individual frequencies for both eyes
*	Full programming support
*	Stereo sound output (SoundBlaster Pro or compatibles)
*	External Midi control (MPU-401 Midi interface or compatibles)
*	Light goggles connected to printer port

WhatÕs new and different with PCM MindWave?

PCM MindWave uses waveforms instead of simple blinking. This results in 
totally different sensations because of the very smooth stimulation of the 
eyes. Especially very low frequencies (< 5Hz) now appear as gently pulsing 
waves - try it, itÕs really amazing!

Another new feature is the possibility for phase shifting. Ordinary L/S 
machines provide 0 Degrees phase shift (FOCUS, both eyes synchronized) or 
180 Degrees (EXPAND, both eyes alternating). PCM MindWave allows any conti-
nously moving phase shift between 0-360 Degrees.

The ability to interpolate waveforms and phase shift smoothly (and all the 
other parameters as well) results in *exciting* new and unique light pat-
terns: You will see chessboards, kaleidoscopes, landscapes, grids, flowers, 
tunnels and may other visual illusions!  Get your copy today and blast your

Test it!

Download the program, build your LED-Goggles and test it! I would like to
encourage a discussion on the topic: 
Do Waveforms enhance mind stimulation technology?

About the Website

The above website may be no more available in the future. If anybody out 
there wants to host the PCM MindWave pages (only about 100Kb) on his
server, that would be great! Please contact me.

(c) 1996 Andre Ch. Schnoor, Hamburg (Germany)
czesanne at mail.hh.provi.de

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