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electromagnetic/brain waves

Mark Laubach laubach at biogfx.neuro.wfu.edu
Tue Apr 2 16:36:58 EST 1996

paul at phy.ucsf.edu (Paul Bush) wrote:

>In article <4jk559$82s at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, zamanlf at aol.com (Zamanlf) writes:

>|> 	I have already briefly stated what the statistical relationship is
>|> between multiunit axon discharge and the EEG wave.

>I missed it, please post it again. I think you are confusing the local field
>potential and the EEG. You said:

>'a statistical relationship between axon spike discharge and the slope or 
>rate-of-change of the locally-generated gross potential clearly exists'
>                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>and then:

>'These researchers found a different relationship, between the probability of 
>axon spike discharge and the amplitude of the extracellular gross potential'
>                                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Could Zamanlf please state what the relationship between neuron
discharge and the EEG is _exactly_ ?

(and the local field potential, for that matter, which _must_ be
understood if one already understands more global electrical activity)

This info will be of interest to many neuroscientists.  

The researcher who has discovered such a principle  (and can prove it
through experimental investigation) would surely be on the road to the
Nobel prize!  

Earlier, zamanlf at aol.com (Zamanlf) wrote:

>Do you understand exactly under what conditions
>the axon spike probabality will be related to the synaptic wave amplitude,
>and under what conditions the axon spike activity is related to the
>synaptic wave slope? My guess it that you do not, nor does anyone else,
>because Verzeano’s research on this important subject has been essentially
>ignored by the Neuroscientific community. (Am I wrong? If so which
>researchers have picked up from where Verzeano left off? Where are their
>publications?) The theory also gives a logical reason for several aspects
>of the cortex architecture, once the possibility of an electromagnetic
>account is admitted and investigated.

Who is Verzeano?  What are the refs for this person's work?

- Mark Laubach

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