Another NutraSweet Horror - TO EMBALM...OR NOT TO EMBALM

Bruce A. Templeton brucet at
Thu Apr 4 18:27:10 EST 1996

In article <slworkDpCG37.2DA at>, Steve Work <slwork at> wrote:
>In the above case, it's not really a "generic" food product which is 
>being defamed with unfounded claims, it's a brand name product.  So the 
>makers of NutraSweet would be able to sue directly for such libel of 
>their products unless the person making the claims could **prove** (in 
>court) that their claims are valid.  Doesn't seem likely in the above case.

I believe the patent on NutraSweet (aspartame) has expired, and now
anyone can make aspartame and add it to food products.

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