Prion Diseases

Janet sequitur at
Wed Apr 3 13:57:08 EST 1996

Fatal diseases (many of a particularly humiliating slowly degenerative
sort), both genetic and acquired?  Transmissable without the benefit of
a nucleic acid genome?  Yikes!  Especially if you've ever had a
transfusion, since these infectious proteins aren't destroyed by heat
or irradiation.  There are a couple of articles on the Web
( and which sent me scurrying to the
health food store for beans.

Now I'm off to design a graphic symbol for meat packagers that
indicates that no sheep brains were fed to the animal whose succulent
parts lay encased in plastic in a potential consumer's tentative hand
-- anyone have an image of a lamb I could borrow?  Do you think Bo Peep
would be too much of a stretch?  "Bo Peep Meats:  We lost our sheep, so
you can be sure that no scrapie, BSE or CJD lurks in this T-Bone"?

<sigh>  I may have to wait for the next consumer panic to make my

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