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Gauss & evoked gross/unit activities

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Sun Apr 7 14:02:34 EST 1996

Dear neuronetters,

                 I agree that the recent evolution of exchanges
promises a good re-start of mutual collaboration.  What I find
we need in this stage are calculations.	And for calculations we
in turn need to start from some approximate values.  Regarding
cytoplasmic induction of concentration-dispersion of "free" hy-
drated charge carriers, the descriptive work is huge.  We need
to arrive, as stage goals, to realistic values of the amplitude
of variation of such carriers' concentration in the cytoplasm,
around its average or "isotropized" concentration value. These
mean concentrations are to be outcalculated for every species 
(of hydrated charge carriers), then added up for all them, then
the homogeneous average background field established for both
the liquid and the structured waters in the layers of the cyto-
plam. Structured water percolation by hydrogen bonding is to be
carefully estimated, since it is internally adjacent to the cell
membrane; in a second stage, of course, structured water around
microtubules and other organelles is to be also heeded. (However,
Prof. Crocco's finding of phylogenetic precedence of ephapses over
synapses is an important hint to attend prioritarily the cortical,
endomembrane layers).  Once in this way we attained the isotropic
TIME-average value of the field produced by all unattached hydrated
charge carriers and their thermal motion, it is possible to be-
gin approaching the calculation of the induction, above the fluc-
tuations of said isotropic background field for every graining
scale, of concentration-dispersion fluctuations determined by
intercellular fields (in the brain gray) and intracellular pa-
tterns of a given spatial frequency (in ciliophora models). Fi-
nally the informatic extraction (signal to noise ratio, etc.) is
to be envisaged, to assess inductive info transfer in the gray.
The first facilities we need are ideas, not many but clear; then
we shall need some mainframe computers, abstaining of philosophi-
zing during work hours and exchanges; modesty to inquiry publicly
what we believe others know, and a real spirit of collaboration.
This last is certainly difficult to get; I cannot promise to a-
chieve it but I shall sincerely try.  Who joins?

The induced fluctuations shall be predicted for time windows and
spatial frequencies of patterning.  In this regard in some ana-
tomical layers I find important to pursue the capacitance studies
of Gordon Gray. (I received twice his paper on e-mail but was una-
ble of decompressing it!)  However I think that Gordon's ideas a-
re to be transferred from afferent-efferent ways to territories
the nearest to neuropilar architectures. Both myelin in the gray
and neurons in the white fade out into thin but never null values;
I believe we should try to read that "degrading" in terms of our
time and space windows to evaluate such inductive process. I so
think that though both subjects are confluent in some anatomical
territories, initially what I grasp as Gordon's approach (in mo-
re peripherical axons) is to be worked independently of the des-
cription of intracellular scenarios where induction can occur.
But by the same persons, since the approaches into one problem
might be very profitable onto the other.

So I find useful communicating publicly, on this thread of neur-
sci at net. A noise of crackpot proposals is so unavoidable; in such a
noise, the (for this project) irredeemable unuseful contributions
(do we all remember Ken Seto?) I propose not to respond, while
those others where any of us finds at least one concrete and use-
ful remark (i.e., looking for antagonist regulators since they
always were selected in pairs; but not studying Hegel's dialectics
to do evolutionary pharmacology!) might be explored while informing
courteously, to the proposing corresponsal, that all her/his other
points (on consciousness, sociology and ethics, to recall the ne-
ver-faulting ones) are refused to be made a subject for corres-
pondence, on practical motives of this thread.  Agreed?

To begin with, we would need to share some notices on relevant re-
cent papers, with measured values for our calculations. We could
make a public list (on this net; retrievable by Waismail) of the
cytoplasmic concentrations of ionic species, description of Brown-
ian motion of those species in such scenario, interactions per
second, activity of formation/dissolution of hydrogen bonding be-
tween the hydration shell and the surrounding doped water, and
approaches to the field values for several time and space scales.
In building it, we can become better acquainted among ourselves.

         Cyberkisses from

       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
       <postmaster at neubio.sld.ar> 
       Centro de Investig. Neurobiologicas, Ministry of Health 
& Welfare, Argentine Republic; and 
       Lab. of Electroneurobiological Res., Neuropsychiatric
Hospital "Dr. Jose Tiburcio Borda", Municipality of Buenos Aires,
       Office:  Phone/Fax (54 1) 306 -7314
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