reproducible research in the neurosciences

Robert W. Cox rwcox at
Wed Apr 10 08:58:33 EST 1996

Richard Vickery (Richard.Vickery at wrote:
: Although this is a good idea in principle, I think that in practice it will be 
: very difficult. [....]

In functional MRI, a typical data set from a 2 hour imaging experiment is
about 500 MB (double if you take the raw data instead of the reconstructed
images).  A typical paper from our groups will have 20-40 such experiments.
To post the data online would thus require setting aside at least 10 GB of
disk space.  While I think this is a good idea, it is not practical for now.
We are always fighting lack of disk space -- and we have 6 9 GB Seagate
drives on our analysis workstations.

Robert W. Cox, PhD
Biophysics Research Institute / Medical College of Wisconsin

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