reproducible research in the neurosciences

Mark Laubach laubach at
Tue Apr 9 20:18:29 EST 1996

bill at (Bill Skaggs) wrote:

>Even if the organizer tries to write a detailed
>description of every possible problem with the data -- often a very
>tedious task -- the downloader won't necessarily read it or understand
>it.  The result is likely to be at least a few papers drawing
>earthshaking theoretical conclusions from sophisticated analysis of
>experimental artefacts.  This is what needs to be avoided.  I'm not
>saying it's impossible, but it isn't all that easy.

If something like this were to happen then it seems to me that the
person making the claim would have more to loose than the person who
collected the data.  Also, I would hope that anyone using someone
else's data for the purpose of publication or re-analysis would make
the data "owner" aware of their intention and would collaborate with
them on the work.  But this may just be optimistic thinking on my

Mark Laubach

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