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Fri Apr 12 17:52:21 EST 1996

Regarding the following exchanges on this thread:

>From:	slwork at netcom.com (Steve Work)
>Date:	Thu, 11 Apr 1996 18:03:18 -0300
>Julie McKee (mckeej at conquest.witcc.cc.ia.us) wrote:
>: Why haven't we heard anything about this adverse "side effect" of Nutra 
>: Sweet before?  I drink my share of Diet Coke and now I'm worried.  I would 
>: like to get all the information I can on this because my two children are 
>: involved too.
>Because normal, rational people recognize the stuff is by and large a
>totally safe product.  There are just a few off-the-wall people out there
>with some hidden agenda that want to make up scare tactics.  Perhaps it's
>political or some attempt to satisfy their craving for power.

Dear colleagues:

          This fallacy is named "Argumentum ad multitudinen".
          (Steve Work: 10xs for your explicitness!)
          BTW: Braking someone by requiring her to impulse another thing, is
a cavil called "quibble" ("chala" in Indian logics). The caviller does not 
endeavour to establish any thing, but confines her/himself to mere carping
at the arguments of its opponent.  It is amidst what the Nyaya Sutra labels
"futile opposition" seeking a "place of humiliation" by shifting the topic.
When forwarded in skipping the debated point, it is an admission of the opi-
nion of the opposite side, or confession.
           Was not there, under the big umbrella of Internet, one single for-
tified place on earth where to double-blindly administer high-dose Nutra-
swoet to some hundred rats in order to detect troubles and thereon lowering
the doses until establishing dose ranges for such troubles, whose mechanism
of production can then be aimed at independent hypothetico-deductive expla-
nation, so as to then derive specific and repeatable demonstrations amenable
to be replicated with a few rats, so any military-industrial-banking world-
wide conspiracy couldn't avoid rats to properly perform their experimental
duties and duly demise under internally controlled, externally incontrollable
settings reproducible by anyone?
       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
       <postmaster at neubio.sld.ar> 
       Centro de Investig. Neurobiologicas, Ministry of Health 
& Welfare, Argentine Republic; and 
       Lab. of Electroneurobiological Res., Neuropsychiatric
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