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Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Sat Apr 13 02:29:40 EST 1996

>>In article <4kc8mc$8va at alpha1.chapman.edu>, hrolson at nexus.chapman.edu
>>(Howard R. Olson) writes:
>>|>              Has anyone heard about the common sequence of HIV and the
>>|> Hamster Scrapie Prion's reverse transcriptase.
>>The prion is a protein and not a virus!!! What is the Prion's reverse
>Indeed. This is the most fascinating thing about it:  one of the new areas
>in biology  (a paraphase of another post...sorry I can't attribute it but
>its long since been wiped)
>A change in the confirmation of the PrP structure is supposed to"
>influence" a protein that looks like PrP that is already in the human
>brain. A chain reaction of conformational change is then started which is
>the initiator of the disease process, whatever that is (is there much
>-> spongiform brain
>>|>I believe there was an
>>|> article about it in NATURE in a September 1986 issue. Since the hamster
>>|> is largely a lab animal, virtually extinct in nature, it raises questions
>>|> about the origin of HIV.....
>>What about the SIV? Are the wild monkey infected by lab Hamster???
>i agree with Nicolas ! If you are going to paste little kickers like that
>on the end of a post, then how about elaborating on it!
>or are you just flamebaiting?
>This prion thing is the best post that I have read in a while, I hope that
>everyone keeps up the interest.
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