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GAMMA-OH and Depression:A case report

Claude de Contrecoeur Cyrano at beehive.twics.com
Thu Apr 11 23:34:11 EST 1996

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>Hello Claude,
>Maybe you remember me, I was the one who some time ago was searching a
>source for GHB, you gave me the address of Laboratoires EGIC in
>France. Unfortunately I only realized now that you were the same
>person who has written the great article about the AD effects of GHB
>("GHB the first authentic ad").
>First of all I have to thank you for writing this article, GHB is
>really FANTASTIC! First I should write something about myself:
>I'm currently treated for depression and generalized anxiety by a
>psychiatrist (he's very well-known here in Ticino, his name is  DELETED maybe you 
know him). I've tried A LOT of AD's and none of
>them really works, at the moment I'm taking the following cocktail of
>drugs without noticing any big effect:
>Morning: 30mg Deroxat(paroxetine)
>               10mg Melleril(thioridazine)
>               15mg Tranxilium(chlorazepate)
>Midday:  10mg Melleril
>               15mg Tranxilium
>Evening: 75mg Anafranil(Clomipramine)
>               30mg Melleril
>               15mg Tranxilium
>(My comment:That's a crazy mixture.Claude Rifat)
>After reading your article I decided to try GHB (without telling it my
>doctor), I was able to order it for an OUTRAGEOUS price (212Sfr for
>50g) . It lasted 1 week and the effect lasted
>another week after I stopped taking it! I NEVER FELT SO GOOD! It was
>like being re-born.(Comment:This is exactly what I said!Claude Rifat comment)
>Of course I told this to my doctor and my analyst, now he's
>researching possible side-effects of GHB and he's quite sceptical
>about it's properties.(Comment:This reminds me of Galileo and the Church!Claude 
>I'm wondering if you would accept to talk with him, he has read your
>article and he said that you're surely  a competent person but the
>article looked too enthusiastic to him.
>His concerns are the following:
>1) Why didn't anyone discover the AD properties of GHB?(Comment:Many Reasons for 
>2) Possible side-effects.
>3) He believes that what I've experienced might be some sort of
>placebo effect! (I HIGHLY doubt it!)
>I will see him again on 23/1/96 and we'll talk about GHB again, I
>really hope he will be positive about it because after getting rid of
>depression AND anxiety for 2 weeks I can't live anymore in this
>condition. Do you have any references on GHB? Are you a psychiatrist
>yourself (it seems so)? And is the following address correct?
>It looks a little bit short to me....
>Even if you don't want to talk to him, an e-mail reply from you might
>be of great help. I think GHB can open new doors in the treatment of
>depression, and convincing my doctor might be a first step in opening
>these doors (because he treats A LOT of patients and like I said he's
>very respected).
>At last two personal questions: how did you find out about GHB's
>properties? And how much does GHB cost when you order it from EGIC?
>10sfr for 6 vials like you've written in your article?
>I really hope to hear from you soon, you might help me achieving a
>better life!

PS:This confirms my discoveries on the extraordinary anti-depressant effects
of Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate.
It is up for others to convince themselves.I have no time to waste in
convincing people.Life is too short to waste it in convincing 
others...Gamma-hydroxybutyrate derived molecules may throw a lot of conventional 
anti-depressants to the basket! Goodbye Prozac,etc!
Claude Rifat(Biologist,Psychopharmacologist,Theoretical Psychiatry)

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