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>I'm searching some information about the possible side-effects of 
>apomorphin. I'm a general practicer working in Belgium and one of my 
>patients is interested in this.

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Apomorphine can be used in Parkinson patients which have serious
on-off fluctuations. It must be combined with domperidone (motilium 4
X 10 mg/d), a peripheral DA receptor anatagonist, vomiting being the
most important problem. Until now apomorphine is injected
subcutaneously. The dose being titrated for each patient. Apomorphine
decreases the total daily 'off' hours, eventually levo-dopa dose can
be reduced. Apomorphine is the most rapid method to turn 'on' a
patient (respons within 10 min.), but its effect is short (1 hr.).
Other adverse effects are minimal and include psychiatric symptoms
(hallucinations) - a problem which can appear with all DA agonists -
& confusion(7%). Subcutaneous injections can produce local reactions.
Sublingual and intranasal techniques are under development. I have
some patient in which intranasal apomorphine was tried, with to much
problems to continue.

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