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References to drift in frequency of neural firing sought

Mark Laubach laubach at biogfx.neuro.wfu.edu
Wed Apr 17 14:05:23 EST 1996

shinbrot at nwu1.edu (Troy Shinbrot) wrote:


>I am seeking references to work showing that the frequency of firing of
>neurons drifts.  This is known to occur, for example, in cardiac rhythms:
>the variation in heart rate can be decomposed into zero-mean fluctuations
>plus a fixed drift, so the frequency can be written as Fo +/- D*t + N(t),
>where Fo is the mean frequency, D is a fixed value for the drift, t is
>time, and N(t) is a zero-mean noise contribution.  I am looking for other
>examples of the same behavior, preferably in neurons.


>-Troy Shinbrot
> Northwestern University
> shinbrot at nwu.edu

Hi Troy,

I don't know any refs for your interest but, if you are looking for
data, I could provide you with data obtained from multi-channel
single-unit recordings in behaving animals that clearly exhibit
non-stationarities over the course of a recording session.  I think
this is due to, in an operant task, the animal's motivation and
satiation, and in a locomotor task, treadmill walking, to fatigue.

Our lab also has data from 24-hour recordings of neurons in the
hypothalamus over the sleep-wake cycle and over the course of
different meals.

If you find any refs on this I would love to know about them.  I
suspect that there won't be many people out there with data your are
looking for because most people only record neural activity over
discrete time intervals.  An exception to this is from folks who study
sleep and the thalamus.  But I may be wrong !

Best of luck,


Mark Laubach
Dept. of Physiology & Pharmacology
Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27157
laubach at biogfx.neuro.wfu.edu

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