I am in doubt

Bill Skaggs bill at nsma.arizona.edu
Fri Apr 19 13:10:57 EST 1996

jfe0 at bitmailer.net (Javier) writes:
   > What is nowdays considered as the total number of neurons in our
   > brain - if possible for the different areas of it - and the total
   > estimated amount of synapsis? I need that information for a
   > presentation . 

The most reasonable estimates give about 50 billion (5x10^10) neurons
in all, of which about 40 billion are granule cells in the cerebellum.
About 10 billion are in the neocortex; all other numbers are much
smaller.  The number of synapses would be around 100 trillion (10^14),
of which more than 90% are in the neocortex.

	-- Bill

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