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Entrainment of brainwaves

G K GRAY gord at homostudy.win-uk.net
Sun Apr 21 17:17:22 EST 1996

In article <4l8isa$kj0 at lurch.sccsi.com>, Emery Carr (ecarr at infohwy.com) writes:
>>OK - So it appears in the EEG.  As I read the original that started
>>this, the acoustic 200hz enters one ear, the 204hz into the other
>>and we get the 4hz EEG along with the original pair as
>>corresponding EEGs. There must be information pathways that compare
>>the signals coming from the 2 ears, *but this linkage is not
>>necessarily relevant to the beat phenomenon*, rather to the need to
>>determine the *source* of a sound - which is of *vital importance
>>to survival*. The neural circuitry that achieves this - discrepancy
>>detectors (in "computerese" - NAND circuits) is well understood
>>and the 4hz EEG is just a bonus for piano tuners. It also accounts
>>for our experience of the Doppler Effect.
>Maybe you don't yet fully understand the implications involved in being 
>able to entrain brainwaves.
>It means that we have a way to allow people to be able to learn to enter 
>certain states of conciousness at will.
>For example, 4hz corresponds to the threshold between Delta and Theta 
>rhythms in the brain. Using the binaural beat phenomena allows us to have 
>a way to shift somebody from waking conciousness (beta) into deep sleep 
>(Delta) or anywhere else. 
>Reply to; gord at homostudy.win-uk.net

What is mentioned here involves one of the deepest, most serious,
most dangerous ethical/political problems of our day and brings it
into the laboratory: - *systematic external control of emotions*.
There lie the dangers, the nettle that must be grasped.
Nevertheless, there is also a positive side that can and must be
developed systematically if we are to survive - it is a Rubicon we
must cross. At this moment one can say no more.


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