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Mary Stoddard marystod at airmail.net
Sun Apr 21 23:32:30 EST 1996

> No idea. Is it relevant to the Gulf War? Did the Iraqis use it as a
> weapon against coalition troops? Why are you posting this to alt.desert-
> storm.facts? Questions, questions, questions...
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This is from a veteran's widow who shares the reasons this is relevant:

Gulf War Vets were ambushed by a chemical cocktail alright. But, the news
is being supressed. Research has shown that the chemical agents in
decomposed aspartame, the sweetener in diet drinks, etc. turn into a
witches brew of toxicity when ingested. I had GWS in 1985 from my diet
drinks. Almost died from it - medically documented. Since that time, Air
Force pilots have asked me to work with them to identify the cause of
their problems. They are losing their medical certification to fly and it
has been reported in dozens of flying and science publications around the
world. I trust a Duke University study about as far as I can throw it!
Duke has a G.D. Searle Center (Searle invented Aspartame) and has tested
their own product and come up with the fact that it does not cause
headaches. Poppycock! The study was done at the Searle Center with
NutraSweet funding. Why can't we get mainstream science and media to take
this very real problem seriously? Because they are getting too much money
from the very people they need to expose. I am a vet's widow and I'm not
getting a penny out of this - just hate seeing people lied to over and
over again. That's all!

Best regards,
Mary Stoddard, Founder Worldwide Pilot's Hotline
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network (1987)

PS - I suggest you all print this out or email to yourself for future
reference. I would love to hear personally from those who feel as I do. As
and loyal Americans, we deserve better!


In article <4l3i25$9d9 at chile.it.earthlink.net>, amerwar at earthlink.net (The
Amer War Lib'y) wrote:

> Researchers at Duke University, in cooperation with Texas
> Southwestern Medical Center, report that any one of the various
> chemicals, insect repellents, nerve gases and other reagents are
> unharmful to humans. But they confirm contentions by Gulf War
> veterans and their families that "chemical cocktailing" of these
> reagents can cause serious physical harm.
> The Duke University study was presented by Dr. Mohamed Abou-Donia
> who said the anti-nerve gas medication given to Gulf soldiers may
> have hampered the body's natural ability to remove some of the
> insecticides. These insecticides, the report says, may have
> "infiltrated" the brain.
> The study was funded by a $250,000 grant from H. Ross Perot.

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