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How the Brain Works and More

Brian J Flanagan bflanagn at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Tue Apr 23 21:39:31 EST 1996

On 24 Apr 1996, Paul Bush wrote:

> In article <4li7ng$jcg at bell.maths.tcd.ie>, rof at maths.tcd.ie (Ruadhan
O'Flanagan) writes: 

BJ: O'Flanagan! A hearty hello from this end of the clan to you and 
yours! We used to sign ourselves "O'Flanagan" but dropped the "O" after 
moving over here in a cunning move toward assimilation. 

> |> 
> |>  Your model of brain function looks very much like the model of
sensory > |> perception that I have described in "Neural Correlate of
Conscious Phenomena".

BJ: Well, you're both grossly mistaken, but no matter; I see the 
difficulty now. 

> Cool, I'll have to check it out when I have some time.

BJ: Groovin'. Later days, dude.

> You are essentially correct (BJ: Read: "You are somewhere in the local
system, well within the orbit of Pluto") insofar as you have described
perception (this > model is pretty obvious), however your model does not
explain memory, emotion, > abstract thought, internal speech, or voluntary
motor control.

BJ: Picky, picky. O! By the by, my early comments re: 'otherwise
respectable sources whose analytical abilities have apparently collapsed'
was not, in fact, a potshot at you, Mr. Bush, but at ... Patricia
Churchland, whom I love to tease because she is so beautiful and so silly.
No, the grousing over 'emergent' nonsense was just so much boilerplate and
in no way aimed at you or the other fellow. (In fact, I have only just
recently discovered your confusion over that issue.) So please accept my
apology if you should have happened to have taken offense over that small
comment and rest assured that, where you are concerned, my remarks will
always be ... a bit more ... how shall I say ... lethal. Hey! I'm kidding!
You know, I have a friend named Dave Bush. He's a young actor fresh out of
school, and doing very well for himself out in Hollywood.  I'll tell him I
met you and that we get along famously. 

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