Maesurement of Neurotransmitter

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 s> in rats. The authors used a method that allowed the measurement in the
 s> living animal ("living brain"). They implanted a syringe with a dialytic
 s> membrane with a constant flow of ringer. The Substances (i.e.
 s> My question:
 s> Can anyone explain me exactly (!) how the method works ? I'm thinking

The method is called "microdialysis" and it works almost exactly equal
as a common dialysis through semipermeant membranes. If you want to know
more about the technique you could contact the following people:
Sandra Lev       sandra at
Federico Dajas   fdajas at

They are specialized neuroscientists working on the microdialysis field.
They can talk to you about methodology and can recommend you even more
specialized contacts in your country.

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