Publisher who publish intensive books about neurophysiol.

Sanya Thiengburanatham u3601185 at
Thu Aug 1 04:05:09 EST 1996

  I would like to know which publisher company publish the intensive books
in the field of
             -  Computational neuroscience or Cognitive science,
             -  Neurophysiology both theory and practical research
             -  Neuropathology, not too much clinical oriented.
             -  Neurochemistry 
             -  Neuroanatomy(in depth,about neural pathway in the brain).
   I definitely know that it is not possible to have any publisher company 
have all kinds of the books listed above. Therefore I would like to hear
from your guys as many publisher company as possible.
Many many Thanks,
Sanya T.
u3601185 at
Neurobehavioral and Biology Center,
Institute of Science ann Technology for Research and Development.
Mahidol University, Salaya, Thailand..
Tel: (662) 441-9321

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