Floyd E. Bloom fbloom at
Fri Aug 2 01:26:27 EST 1996

Diana van Driel wrote:
> >Hi netters,
> >
> >I would like to know at what time in human/primate embryogenesis the
> >formation of synapses starts.
> >
> I only know about eyes; in the human retina synapses are first seen at
> about 11 weeks gestation.
> Diana van Driel
> Dept Ophthalmology
> Sydney University C09

There is no single time-- it all depends on where in the primate (or any
other brain) you're talking about.  Spinal cord matures very early,
while forebrain and cerebral cortex mature very later.  Pasko Rakic of
Yale University has done extensive work on primate synaptogenesis in the
embryo.  In the visual system, retinal ganglion cells begin to connect
with lateral geniculate during the early second trimester. SO what part
of the primate brain are you interested in?

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