Emergency HELP!!!!- tremors and numbness - getting worse. Please

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Fri Aug 2 11:23:18 EST 1996

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, "mark minevich" <mail21783 at pop.net> wrote:

>On Monday afternoon, my right arm and my arm leg suddenly became numb. It
>is not completely paralyzed. However, it feels very numb with "pins and
>needles" sensation. There is also an evidence of tremors and twitches
>around the whole body. There is also significant muscle cramps and muscle
>weakness  around the whole body producing a lot pain.
>It is about 4 days later, the pain and  numbness sensation has moved
>towards my head and my left arm.
>I went to the Emergency room on Monday in New Jersey. My doctors are
>telling me that catscan is negative. All of the blood work is also
>negative. However, the problem is still continuing with no end in site. My
>physicians have scheduled an MRI for Saturday morning to rule out
>Guille-Barr Disease and other miscellaneous diseases.On Wednesday, I saw
>the specialist-Neurologist. After his physical evaluation, he did not find
>anything wrong.
>What could be causing it? Could this be muscle problem, nervous system
>problem or a virus.

It could be gluten intolerance, aka celiac disease. In this study:

Hadjivassilou et. al. "Does cryptic gluten sensitivity play a part in 
neurological illness?" _The Lancet_ 1996; 347: 369-371.

They found that 57 percent of those with neurological problems of
unknown cause also had antibodies to gliadin, which is a component of
gluten. Sixteen percent of them had coeliac disease, a much higher level
than normally found.

In this article:

Cooke WT, Neurologic manifestations of malabsorption. In Handbook of
clinical neurology, volume 28 (metabolic deficiency diseases of the nervous
system, part II), Amsterdam; North Holland Publishing Company, 1976;

They discuss the many neurological manifestations that are associated with
coeliac disease, including ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, myelopathy,
myopathy, and dementia. 

>Just a little bit about myself. I am very hard and energetic worker. I am
>26 years old and specialize in advanced technology: internet,multimedia
>and wireless. I don't have any serious problems besides Crohn's disease.
>My doctors are treating me for Crohns with Asacol. (I stopped Asocol last

Celiac disease can be concurrent with Crohn's disease.


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