Epilepsy-Where to go for Reasearch?

Alan Fried albe at worldnet.att.net
Sat Aug 3 22:37:51 EST 1996

agigage7 at aol.com (Agigage7) wrote:

>   My name is Roseshel Young Spirit Martin, and I am an undergraduate at
>UMASS Lowell.  I am studying psychology, and wish to obtain my PH.D in
>Neuroscience.  My sister was an epileptic.  She died on July 20, 1996, and
>was only 30 years old.  I am hoping that someone out there will get this
>message, and can help me with my dream.  Since her death, I have decided
>that not only do I wish to study neuroscience and brain anatomy, but I
>would like to do extensive research on epilepsy.  She was out with her new
>husband of only one month newly-wed, and she was walking behind him.  He
>heard a banging sound, and he turned.  When he turned, there was my sister
>on the ground unconscious, and bleeding profusely from the head.  She had

Are you saying that your sister had a seizure and as a consequence of
that seizure she fell and hit her head?

If so it wasn't really epilepsy that killed her. People do have
seizures and fotunately are not as unlucky as your sister was. It
sounds that your sister experienced a freak accident.

While your dedication seems noble, I don't think you should dedicate
your life to epilepsy because of this incident. Rather you should
continue in whatever path you had set and perhaps as you study you can
do research on the side for epileipsy.

I myself did research in this topic and as far as I know alot has been
learned in recent years about this anomaly. Drugs when used properly
vitually eliminate seizures from occurring. Of course there is always

Go through your grieving but also go on with your own life as well.


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