tract-tracing with biotinylated cholera toxin?

jamie boyd boydjd at
Sun Aug 4 11:41:37 EST 1996

   I would like to know if anyone has used List Biological's (or anybody
else's, for that matter) cholera toxin subunit B conjugated to biotin as a
neuronal tracer. I have had good results with List's unconjugated cholera
toxin visualized with immuno, and with gold-conjugated cholera toxin
visualized with silver intensification, but have never tried the biotin
labeled cholera toxin.
   I would like to do some double labeling experiments using the
biotin-conjugated tracer in conjunction with other tracers. But first I
would like to know if anyone has some suggestions on concentrations,
amount to inject, what buffer to dissolve it in, etc.

Jamie Boyd
Dept. of Cell Biology
Vanderbilt University

boydjd at

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