Emergency HELP!!!!- tremors and numbness - getting worse. Please

Noel A. Taylor nataylor at hsonline.net
Sun Aug 4 10:32:32 EST 1996

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>>Hello to the good people of the Internet world.
>>HELP!!! HELP!!!!!!
>>On Monday afternoon, my right arm and my arm leg suddenly became numb. It
>>is not completely paralyzed. However, it feels very numb with "pins and
>>needles" sensation. There is also an evidence of tremors and twitches
>>around the whole body. There is also significant muscle cramps and muscle
>>weakness  around the whole body producing a lot pain.
>>It is about 4 days later, the pain and  numbness sensation has moved
>>towards my head and my left arm.
>>I went to the Emergency room on Monday in New Jersey. My doctors are
>>telling me that catscan is negative. All of the blood work is also
>>negative. However, the problem is still continuing with no end in site. My
>>physicians have scheduled an MRI for Saturday morning to rule out
>>Guille-Barr Disease and other miscellaneous diseases.On Wednesday, I saw
>>the specialist-Neurologist. After his physical evaluation, he did not find
>>anything wrong.
>>What could be causing it? Could this be muscle problem,nervous system
>>problem or a virus.
>>Just a little bit about myself. I am very hard and energetic worker. I am
>>26 years old and specialize in advanced technology: internet,multimedia
>>and wireless. I don't have any serious problems besides Crohn's disease.
>>My doctors are treating me for Crohns with Asacol. (I stopped Asocol last
>>Please give me any suggestion. I am in a lot of pain. 
>>Thanks much,
>>New Jersey
>Two years ago I developed a "buzzing sensation" throughout my body
>with some pain in my left arm extending into my chest.  It was like my
>whole system was going down the tubes.  Went to emergency where they
>x-rayed my neck.  Turned out to be cervical arthritis (degeneration of
>the cervical vertebrae with impingment on the nerves going down into
>my arms and legs).  Subsequent sensations included a great deal of
>pain especially in my neck and arms along with pain, numbness, general
>irriation, trembling, weakness, etc. in both arms/hands, both
>legs/feet, chest, and stomach.  The twitching even extended to my
>tongue and the burning crept around my neck into my face.  After
>several months things settled down with the help of various
>psycho-active drugs -- Xanax and Zoloft (they made me see a psych --
>lots of fun anxiety), various NSAIDS (feldene did the best job), and
>now I'm on elavil and darvocet.  The only good thing is that
>apparently my problem is not fatal.
>Good Luck,
>Howard Onishi

Howard, thank you for that post.  It gives me the opportunity to comment that 
you may derive significant benefit from chiropractic care, since the problem 
has been traced to your cervical spine and since chiropractors are trained in 
such neuromusculoskeletal conditions, whereas medical doctors are not.

However, my first impression in reading Mark's account is that his problem is 
more systemic than simple spinal arthritic change.  It may be coincidence, 
but I read a list of symptoms of aspartame (NutraSweet) toxicity which is 
quite similar to Mark's list, just yesterday.  Since the "doctors" can't find 
anything, even with CT imaging, it seems that a trial abstinance period would 
be a useful experiment.

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