Emergency HELP!!!!- tremors and numbness - getting worse. Please

TomC at pnn.com TomC at pnn.com
Tue Aug 6 09:04:10 EST 1996

>>"mark minevich" <mail21783 at pop.net> wrote:
>>>Hello to the good people of the Internet world.
>>>HELP!!! HELP!!!!!!
>>>On Monday afternoon, my right arm and my arm leg suddenly became
>numb. It
>>>is not completely paralyzed. However, it feels very numb with "pins
>>>needles" sensation. There is also an evidence of tremors and twitches
>>>around the whole body. There is also significant muscle cramps and
>>>weakness  around the whole body producing a lot pain.

>>>Just a little bit about myself. I am very hard and energetic worker.
>I am
>>>26 years old and specialize in advanced technology:
>>>and wireless. I don't have any serious problems besides Crohn's
>>>My doctors are treating me for Crohns with Asacol. (I stopped Asocol


Have the doctors checked your vitamin B-12 status? One of the results of B-12 deficiency
is very serious neurological problems. Crohn's can interfere with B-12 absorbtion in the
intestine and many of us require B-12 shots.


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