My mother's numb feet: a reply

Lai, Ken klai at
Thu Aug 8 14:29:40 EST 1996

Sheila in Houston:

Sorry, about not responding earlier, but I left for vacation the same day 
your request arrived.  My wife, who was 23 had the same thing happen to her 
after bending and crouching for a prolonged period of time, approx. 13 
hours.  The numbness went from her feet to about half way up her calves.
The doctors have seen this happen quite often, due to these mentioned 
circumstances, with the numbness disappearing completely within 1.5 months. 
 My wife's condition, thankfully, was temporary and she recovered 
completely, however, if she had not a battery of neurological test were to 
be conducted.

I hope this alleviates some of the tension.

Ken Lai
To: neur-sci
Subject: My mother's numb feet
Date: Monday, July 15, 1996 6:41PM

My 84 year old mother suddenly has two numb feet.  She was able to walk
miles before, but not now.  Plunges her feet in ice water every night so
they won't hurt.

Doctors tend to dismiss her - she's otherwise in excellent health.  She
believes that since both feet were OK until just recently and both became
numb at same time -- there must be some neural connection - and,
supposedly cure.

Can you help with suggestions?
She's been to podiatrists, internists, cardiologists (it's not a
circulation problem, neuro surgeons - what have you.

Sheila in Houston

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