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>>>The scheme mentioned in the "letter" constitutes wire fraud.  
>>>Those with their names found on the list have been subject to
>>>	"But the man in the letter says he talked to his lawyer." you 
>>>say.  Yes, but could he say his laywer agreed, or that his lawyer
>>>this was legal?  
>>>	No.  
>>>	The letter was writen with great craftsmanship to give you the 
>>>impression it passed a lawyer's inspection.
>>>	Any lawyer worth his salt would know better.
>>>	It's illegal.
>>It's not illegal _everywhere_.  I'm told that it's not illegal in the
>>Netherlands (by someone on the staff of an Internet provider there --
>>did deal with the offender, who of course was breaking his service
>>agreement).  It _may_ be legal in Israel (which, I think, is where the
>>message you're talking about came from) -- though this would _not_
>keep it
>>from being illegal in the US, Canada, and various other countries.
>>Dan Goodman
>>Dan Goodman
>>"The only peace is that interior in us."
>CASH?????.......WHATS THAT?????????????????

i thought that was why we are in this make sure that our
allergy to cash isn't "boosted".
besides, chain letters are right up there with Amway.
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