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>>  As support for consciousness being related to neuro frequencies
>>  and Gaussian locking to a collective coherence notice what happens
>>  when you wave your pencil or pen in front of your monitor.  You
>>  will see multiple pens.  A quick count for me was four to six
>>  pens.  Theory would suggest I should have seen eight.  So 8 - 6
>>  = 2.  This may be due to two wave harmonics.  One an activating
>>  phase and the other an opponent phase.  This, if true would support
>>  correlational opponent-processing model of consciousness.
>>  Ron Blue
>>  rcb1 at
>>     1=one
>The no of pens depends on speed of pens movement as the screen flashs at 50hz.
>Also some monitors and tvs nip a bit off a screen.
>Check out strobescopes. -- 
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What may be happening here is that Ron and John are thinking about
two different but closely-related processes:

a)      The entirely physical flashing of the frame on the screen,
regardless of the presence or absence of an observing brain - the
"pure" objective phenomenon of stroboscopic action

b) -    What is happening in the brain of a human observer of the
phenomenon. Does the brain like "monitors and tvs nip a bit off"?
It should be possible to check this by some sort of brain-scan

Cheers!  Gord

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