Emergency HELP!!!!- tremors and numbness - getting worse. Please

Stephan Blaschke stephan at wistar.ruhr.de
Fri Aug 9 18:30:00 EST 1996

tom.rach (Thomas Racioppi)  wrote on 04 Aug 96:

[progredient numbness and weakness spreading throughout the body]

>>>I went to the Emergency room on Monday in New Jersey. My doctors are
>>>telling me that catscan is negative. All of the blood work is also
>>>negative. However, the problem is still continuing with no end in
>site. My
>>>physicians have scheduled an MRI for Saturday morning to rule out
>>>Guille-Barr Disease and other miscellaneous diseases.On Wednesday, I
>>>the specialist-Neurologist. After his physical evaluation, he did not
>>>anything wrong.
>>>What could be causing it? Could this be muscle problem,nervous system
>>>problem or a virus.

First, I can not imagine, how one can rule out Guillain-Barre's Syndrom by  
MRI. To obtain certainity or r/o on this diagnosis, a spinal tap is  
required with lab examination of cerebrospinal fluid. There you could also  
get evidence, if the cause would be any other kind of inflammation (viral,  
autoimmunogenic ...). As a second means of diagnostic, electrophysiolog  
measurements should be performed (EMG - measuring electrical muscle  
activity, ENG - measuring nerve conduction velocity and some special  
stuff, evoked potentials - measuring the brain's reply on different  
stimuli [acoustic, optic, sensoric]).

You should discuss these questions with the Neurologist you were referred  
to. In my opinion, the best choice would be to go to hospital for a couple  
days (at our clinic, no spinal taps are performed to outpatients!).

Hope that helps.


        Stephan Blaschke, M.D.

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