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rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU (Ron Blue) wrote:

> As support for consciousness being related to neuro frequencies
> and Gaussian locking to a collective coherence notice what happens
> when you wave your pencil or pen in front of your monitor.  You
> will see multiple pens.  A quick count for me was four to six
> pens.  Theory would suggest I should have seen eight.  So 8 - 6
> = 2.  This may be due to two wave harmonics.  One an activating
> phase and the other an opponent phase.  This, if true would support
> correlational opponent-processing model of consciousness.
> Ron Blue
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>    1=one

Hello Ron;

It is due to 1: the effect of the screen refresh rate and scan pattern
permitting the synchronicity of the eye's firing patterns to be
discernable which permits: 2: the opposing synchronous firing rates of
the eyes as the screen scan rate approximates the pattern of one
series of frequencies. which IS the harmonic that correlates with the
screen's pattern...... change the scan rate and another harmonic will
be displayed in the multiple images and the amount of images will

Thusly... yes.. it does.....among other things.. as you well know...



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