imrlist explanation

Stephan Spencer sspencer at RHINO.BOCKLABS.WISC.EDU
Sun Aug 11 02:22:16 EST 1996

I am still not sure exactly what happened here, but it looks to me like a
misconfiguration or error in what was supposed to be a mail reflector
of a one-time IMR symposium announcement. Instead it was functioning as
a listserver when people started sending emails to it. So it turned into
something like a feedback loop.

I have been sent a number of emails from angry scientists regarding this.
Please understand that no harm was meant and this was a mistake. It's
upsetting to see messages from scientists saying "you can bet this did not
win any friends for the Integrated Microscopy Resource!". Even threats of
legal action! The IMR tries very hard to provide valuable resources to the
microscopist community, and would not knowingly set out to fill Netizens'
email boxes with junk mail. 

I hope you will forgive this error. It has not happened before. It will
not happen again. 

I am no longer affiliated with the IMR, so please do not send emails to me
regarding this. Instead, direct them to the IMR (vickie at 

And by the way, please be gentle with Vickie, she has a baby due in a
week. (i.e. please no more calls to her home or angry emails). Please keep
in mind that this was not intentional. I know she feels very bad about

I hope this answers your questions regarding this matter/disaster.

Thank you for your understanding,

Stephan Spencer
sspencer at

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