Job Opening: Staff Research Associate at UC Berkeley

Fei Lin feilin at
Tue Aug 13 18:50:01 EST 1996

Staff Research Associate III
Molecular & Cell Biology:  Life Sciences Addition
$32,600 - 48,900 (full-time rate)
Hours:  to be arranged
Closing date:  open until filled

Career position with annual 3-month furlough (mid-May - mid-
August).  Assume responsibility for organization, planning, and
technical preparation of the undergraduate neurobiology teaching
laboratory.  Set up,calibrate, maintain, and troubleshoot
equipment.  Prepare nervous system dissections for video
demonstration.  Develop new experimental protocols, including
computer-based data acquisition systems and video imaging of
nerve cells.  Supervise junior staff.  Qualifications: 
Coursework in biological sciences, including intensive laboratory
experience in neurobiology.  Recent experience in
neurophysiological instrumentation and familiarity with computer-
based data acquisition systems and video imaging programs. 
Analytical ability, mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity, and
interpersonal skills essential.  Note:  Scientific/Laboratory
Research Skills supplement form or a transcript required.

Applications for Job# 08-300-30/SL are available through 
the Berkeley Campus Personnel Office
2200 University Avenue, Room 7G
Berkeley, CA 94720

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