Emergency HELP!!!!- tremors and numbness - getting worse. Please

David & Cindi luvpo9 at usit.net
Wed Aug 14 13:25:02 EST 1996

Please tell me you have had your B-12 level checked!!  B-12 helps make 
the myelin sheath covering on nerves and a lack of it can cause your 
symptoms.  A lack can also lead to progressive numbness to the point of 
paralysis!  An outside source is needed because of the malabsorption of 
this vital nutrient in most IBD suffers; therefore, you might need 
monthly deep intramuscular injections of B-12 (cyanocobalalum).  A B-12 
level has to be SPECIFICALLY ordered, it is not routinely performed in 
any blood tests!  

I hope this helps, Stephan...
Cindi Martinez 

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