High IgE, neurological symptoms only

Michael & Darlene Pugsley pugsley at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Aug 14 11:29:47 EST 1996

A five year old is presenting with no allergic symptoms save pale skin 
with occasional rings under the eyes.  He is severely autistic and the 
parents proceeded with allergy tests in the U.S. RAST environmental tests 
were all positive, the majority scoring 4s and 5s.  ELISA (IgG) food 
allergies showed some mild to moderate positives.  But the child's IgE 
was literally off the charts, >1000 (ref. <60). 
     Any leads on research done that could correlate the autistic 
behaviour with the immune response?
Darlene Pugsley  pugsley at nbnet.nb.ca

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