Pathway specificity of hippocampal LTP

Sandra Pena De Ortiz spenadeo at
Thu Aug 15 11:25:34 EST 1996

On 13 Aug 1996, Hannah Dvorak wrote:

> LTP in the hippocampus is supposed to be pathway specific.  If two
> independent sets of Schaffer collaterals are stimulated, and one is
> tetanized to induce LTP, the other pathway is unaffected or is
> depressed (heterosynaptic LTD).  All the papers I've seen describing
> this phenomenon use extracellular field recordings to demonstrate
> this pathway specificity.  Does anyone know of a reference showing
> independent potentiation of pathways converging on a single neuron,
> i.e. using intracellular or whole-cell recording?
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> Hannah Dvorak
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> California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125
There is a paper Nature that came out about 2 or 3 months ago by Derrick 
and Martinez showing associative heterosynaptic Mossy Fiber LTP in vivo.

Sandra Pena de Ortiz, Ph.D.

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