Emergency HELP!!!!-Rett's Syndrome Overdose

gfarm at waymark.net gfarm at waymark.net
Wed Aug 14 23:38:20 EST 1996

Parents of a young child came to me and asked for help.  Their young daughter has 
Rett's Syndrome.  She had been doing quite well but was put on anti-siezure 

As a result of this she was admitted to the hospital where she went into a coma 
and had a siezure.  It turns out she was put onto a dosage of the medication at 
twice the required dosage.  The pharmacy is trying to tell the parents that the 
child was not injured by the medication.

I am trying to find a neurologist or toxicologist that could help the parents.  The 
group in which the neurologist  works (the neurologist was the child's doctor) 
has just been hired by the pharmacy as their expert witness and is no longer 
helping the parents or child.  The doctor now refuses to help them and they 
believe he has a conflict of interest because his group has just been hired as an 
expert witness by the defense.

Can anyone help me find a doctor who can help these people?


M.J. Rankin
gfarm at waymark.net

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