Emergency HELP!!!!-Rett's Syndrome Overdose

Aaron J. Neuharth stu00846 at tazman.ac.euu
Thu Aug 15 20:13:44 EST 1996

Before you can find a neurologist that can help the parents, you 
need to disclose more information about the child and the medication she 
was taking.  How long was she taking the medication, and how long was she 
in a coma?  What other problems arose while she was in a coma?  How old 
is the child?  There are a lot of other questions that will need to be 
addressed, but if you can tell me the name of the medication, the doseage 
and period of time she was taking it, and the age of the  child I can 
tell you wheather it was possible for her to be posioned by the 
        I'm currently an undergraduate student at Augusta State 
University, and I work for a group of neurologists at the Medical College 
of Georgia.  I have access to information concerning all aspects of 
neurology. If there is anthying I can do to help, let me know.      


A.J. Neuharth

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