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Robert D. Billingsley ww266 at freenet.Victoria.BC.CA
Sat Aug 17 04:34:31 EST 1996

Three-dimensional viewing technology brought to you by THE STEREO
VIDEO COMPANY.  All Rights Reserved.

Yes.  Now YOU TOO, can watch television, computer, and movie
theater screens in breath-taking 3-D.  And, unlike many
other 3-D systems, you will not need a specially processed
screen-a REGULAR moving image on a T.V., computer, or movie
theater screen is all you will need!

Our 3-D viewing system works by physically slowing down the
speed of light to one of the eyes, therefore creating a
stereoscopic effect.

You can pick up an item at virtually any store that, with a
quick, easy five to ten minute conversion, will allow you to
watch moving images in amazing three-dimensional format!  The
cost for this item usually runs about $7.00 - $14.00.  You might
even be able to find this item in your house or apartment (which

Join the MILLIONS of 3-D video enthusiasts today!.  Join
THE STEREO VIDEO CLUB.  For $9.95 (U.S. Funds) you will get
the following:

1 - An unlimited, one-year membership in THE STEREO

2 - Our annual 3-D newsletter which contains up-to-the-date
    information on the hottest, new, 3-D viewing

3 - Complete Source/Instruction Manual for creating the
    very inexpensive 3-D viewer described earlier in this
    letter! (Remember, you don't need a special screen
    to watch moving images in 3-D!).

So, why not invest in the future and join the MILLIONS of
3-D video enthusiasts.  Join THE STEREO VIDEO CLUB  TODAY and
find out what it's all about!

For your unlimited one-year membership, annual newsletter, and
Source/Instruction Manual for building your own NORMAL SCREEN
3-D viewer, send $9.95 (check or money order in U.S. funds) made
payable to:

1138 West 8th Street
Port Angeles, WA 98363

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