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>The fact that Gage survived his injury paved the road leading up to 
>psychosurgery.  The findings of Kluver Bucy established the "End of 
>Construction" sign.  For better or worse, a new mode of personality 
>therapy involving surgical interventions and the brain was established.

Don't think so!  Prefrontal leukotomy was developed by A. de Egas Moniz
(1874-1955), who got a Nobel prize for it in 1949.  H. Kluver (1897-1979)
P. Bucy (1904-?1992) were a pathologist and a neurosurgeon, respectively.
Their classical papers in Am. J. Physiol. 119:352-353 (1937) and Arch.
Neurol. Psychiat. 42:979-1000 (1939) described the effects of bilateral
temporal lobectomy in monkeys.  In modern terms, the Kluver-Bucy
syndrome can be interpreted in terms of damage to the hippocampal
formation, amygdala, and parts of the inferior temporal lobe involved
in complex visual memory storage and recall. Nothing to do with the
frontal lobes or with poor old Phineas Gage!

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