???Headache side effect of Spinal tap????

Brad J. Harris brad.harris at u.cc.utah.edu
Tue Aug 20 16:56:57 EST 1996

Headaches certainly are a possible side effect of spinal taps,
however, it is my understanding that these headaches are a result of
fluid leakage from the CNS through the new hole.  If this problem does
occur (it doesn't always) the doctor can make a 'blood patch' which
uses the patients own blood to block the hole stopping the leak.
  The final analysis is that though headaches are a possible effect of
spinal taps this effect would be unrelated to her migranes (not to say
they would be any less severe), and there are effective treatments to
deal with thier possibility.

pokersheil at aol.com (PokerSheil) wrote:

>My mother, who has had severe migraines most of her life, has a neuropathy
>problem in her feet.

>Doctor wants her to have a spinal tap.  She's afraid it will bring on
>migraines and doesn't want to take a chance.

>Any opinions?
>She's scheduled for the tap tomorrow and is really scared.  

>She's 83.

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